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In order to improve our school, we are working on projects. Our projects are those below.

Chromebook Help Desk

Chromebook Help Desk is a project that we help students who have a problem with their Chromebooks. Students have problems with Screen, Battery, Chrome OS, Keyboard, Touchpad, Login, Chromebook Charger, Chromebook Case. We can help students with those issues.

Sub Help Graphic for Website (2).png
Sub Help

Sub Help is a project that helps subs get acclimated to their day. There are links to help you get set up and get you through the day. 

Office Conversation
New Student Help

They New student is for the new kids and kids that need help finding their way through school or that need help with technology.

Copy of Broadcasting Checkout.png
Broadcasting Checkout

Broadcasting Check-Out is way to keep track of all the equipment that is in the broadcasting room. It also helps people when they are taking the equipment out of the room so that nothing goes missing. If something breaks a piece of equipment we can find exactly who did it, and when. 

Recycling Bottles
Recycling Collection

Recycling Collection is a project where you can get your recycling taken out if it is full. We will be able to get your recycling with in 2 days of when you fill out the form.

PBIS Inventory Checkout

PBIS Inventory is a project based on helping teachers check out items available to them bought by the PBIS staff. Our job is to create an app that will allow teachers to check out items they want and allow us to keep inventory of them. We are also focused on organizing all our items that are available for staff checkout.

Appreciation Station

This is a project where the students are able to thank the J.C Booth Staff for everything they have done. We had a station where kids can pick up thank you cards and fill them out. we would display and pass out the cards to the staff.


We have a website to see the information for each project. It includes our members, links for helpful information, and forms for the projects, for example.

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