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About Us

We are the 2020-2021 SLED team and we worked together to help make our school a better place to be for everyone. We each did our part and it eventually worked out.

Blythie B.
Social Media and New Student Help

Hi, my name is Blythie. I do Social Media, and new student orientation. Our Mission is to help new students with tours around the school, help with their chrome books, and help with their lockers.  

Lyric H.
Social Media and New Student Help 

Hey, My name is lyric I do New Student orientation and Social Media. I have one dog named Paris she is a Yorkie .I have one brother and three main cousin. 

Yonosuke K.
Website and
Chromebook Helpdesk

My name is Yonosuke. I'm working on Chromebook Helpdesk that helps students with Chromebook issue. I'm also making the SLED website. I moved here from Japan when I was in 7th grade. I am friendly to everyone. I will work hard for each project. 

Joseph B.
Recycling Collection

Hi, my name is Joseph. I love to play board games and benefit  other people. I am the manager of the mood mater and I am going to help you with any problems that you might have. I also am a 5 year cello player and love to play with my puppy!

Addison R.
Badge Manager & PBIS Inventory Checkout

Hi, my name is Addison but I go by Addie. I play soccer and enjoy hanging with my friends. My project is called the PBIS Inventory Checkout. Our mission is to help create an easier and more efficient way to check out supplies for the classroom, outside areas, and activities.

Lizzie E.
Photo Uploader
PBIS Inventory Checkout

Hi! My name is Lizzie! I have 1 older sister and 2 younger brothers. I was born in Texas and grew up in Utah. Then moved here in 2nd grade. My dad was born in Russia so I am half Russian. I have one pet named Sammy and he is a beta fish. I am working on the PBIS Inventory with Addison R.

Kennedy Y.
Broadcasting Checkout
McKinley Y.
Sub Help

My name is Kennedy, I have a twin named Mckinley. I am kind and friendly. I play tennis and I enjoy baking. I am working with Chloe on the broadcasting equipment check-out.

My name is McKinley. I have three sisters, one of which, is my twin, Kennedy. I enjoy the same activities as her, like baking and tennis. I also enjoy reading and drawing. I'm doing Sub Help with Archie and Brianna. 

Archie N.
Sub Help

I am Archana, known as Archie, and I am very clumsy and kind. I get annoyed very easily. I work on the SUB Help with Brianna and McKinley. SUB Help is improving SUB Help, which is helping subs get through their day.

Chloe W.
Broadcasting Checkout

I am Chloe. I do broadcasting Equipment with Kennedy. I was born in Carrie, North Carolina. I also play softball in my free time. I also have one sister.

Brianna L.
Sub Help

I am Brianna and I am responsible and hardworking. I only have one sibling, a twin brother. I am working on SUB Help with Archana and McKinley. SUB Help is to help the SUBs have a great and easy teaching day. 

Jackson M.
Recycling Collection

I am the PR and am ceo of Recycling Collection with Joseph. I am a friend to all and, If you need a friend say howdy and ill be their in a not creepy way. 

Will M.
Website and Chromebook Helpdesk

My name is Will and I made the website and helped on the Chromebook help desk. I help out on any project that's needs an extra person and is happy to help when ever someone asks.

Arinze U.
Appreciation Station Broadcasting Checkout

Hello I'm Arinze. I am the funny one of the team. I organize the project called the appreciation station. The point of the project its for the students to be able to appreciate all the staff in J.C. Booth. 

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