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Take a spare Chromebook from the rack next to the Kiosk (this PC)

"Always Learning" has been written on the spare Chromebook. You can use the spare Chromebook until we fix your Chromebook. Make sure to charge your spare Chromebook every night.


Fill out the form at the bottom link.

There are two fields that ask for a barcode. One is for an asset tag on your broken Chromebook. Another one is for an asset tag on your spare Chromebook.


Leave your broken Chromebook in the box on the left.

Make sure to place your Chromebook carefully. If the box is full, ask Mrs. Moseley, Mrs. Sutliff, Mrs. Johnson or a SLED member for help.


Submit the form to finish.

Click the button says "Submit" in the form. After you click the button, you may go back to your classroom with spare Chromebook. And please make sure to check your email everyday so that you will know when will the Chromebook is being fixed.

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